Water Quality / Lake Consulting

Water Quality Offered By: Aqua-Weed Control Inc.

How’s the water quality in your lake or pond?  Aqua-Weed Control can provide answers……

We provide water analysis on an easy to read report that will allow you to:

  • Protect swimmers from dangerous E. coli bacteria
  • Monitor the level of salts and other forms of run-off
  • Monitor the levels of phosphorous
  • Track oxygen levels for fish health

Now offering harmful particulate testing!

We offer complete monitoring packages and individual testing for lakes and ponds.


AquaTest water testing for single sites includes:

  • E. coli testing at swimming beaches
  • Nutrient Concentrations
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Other tests are also available

The samples are collected by our trained staff then shipped to a certified lab for analysis. A report is generated and forwarded to you.  Click here for a sample report.

AquaTest (Whole Lake Water Quality Reports)

We also offer whole lake monitoring.  This is a season long report that shows changes in the lake from Spring run-off thru Fall mixing.