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Phosphorous Mitigation

Stop eutrophication and restore water quality.

Phosphorous Mitigation

Stop eutrophication and restore water quality.

Phosphorous Mitigation

Phosphorus pollution in water resources is a widespread problem throughout the United States. Phosphorus is a key contributing factor leading to eutrophication. Eutrophication is one of the largest threats to freshwater resources and can result in degraded water quality and put entire aquatic ecosystems at risk.

Phosphorous Mitigation Solutions

Aqua-Weed Control offers phosphorous mitigation products from SePRO‘s line of EutroSORB products. Read more below.


Aqua-Weed Control has partnered with EutroPHIX so that you can safely enjoy water now by complimenting proper watershed management strategies with proven in-lake/pond solutions to rapidly speed up the restoration process.

A Global Problem

Eutrophication is the process of nutrients accumulating in a water body over time. An overabundance of nitrogen and phosphorus often leads to water quality impairment such as hypoxia (oxygen depletion) or harmful algae blooms (HABs or cyanobacteria).

Cyanobacteria blooms caused by nutrient pollution can produce toxins in water or air potent enough to put humans and wildlife at risk. HABs cause the loss of recreational revenue, decreased property values, and increased drinking water treatment costs.

Speeding Up the Restoration Process

When it comes to in-lake water quality restoration, watershed management is necessary component to the process. However, when relying only on water-shed management strategies, it often takes decades before positive impacts are observed within the lake itself.

Three Steps to Accelerate Water Quality Restoration

  • Assessment – A critical phase that evaluates historical information, water quality data, and lake sediment samples to determine the scale of management and options to consider for restoration.
  • Prescription – Utilizing information gained in the assessment phase to develop specific mitigation goals, applicable technologies, and restoration strategies.
  • Implementation – The process of efficiently and effectively executing the prescription outlined to implement restoration.

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