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Efficient and effective treatment of lake water to ensure safe and clean water for community use.


Efficient and effective treatment of lake water to ensure safe and clean water for community use.

Lakes Nuisance Aquatic Plant Control

Aquatic plants are an essential component to a lakes environment.  Aqua-Weed Control, Inc. will help you understand and correct water quality problems caused by invasive species, excessive native aquatic plant and algae growth.

Summer will arrive before you know it… now is the time to discuss treatment options.

Call for a no obligation quote or invite us to attend a meeting to discuss weed and algae control for your lake, pond, canal, or marina.  Please be aware that due to State and Federal regulation we currently do work only in the State of Michigan.

Aqua-Weed Control, Inc. is one of the first companies in Michigan to specialize in the application of aquatic herbicides and algaecides.We have the largest fleet of spray boats, vehicles, and other specialized equipment in mid and southeast Michigan to serve every conceivable customer need from small sub-division ponds to large lakes.

Why control aquatic plants and algae?

Nuisance algae can:

  • Interfere with recreational use
  • Produce unpleasant tastes & odors in water
  • Clog filters, pump inlets and other equipment
  • Create an ideal breeding site for mosquitoes

Nuisance aquatic plants can:

  • Multiply very quickly
  • Adapt to varying environmental conditions
  • Choke canals and restrict water flow
  • Interfere with swimming & recreational sports
  • Destroy fish habitats

Lakes Application Process

Herbicide applications are planned according to nuisance plant conditions, the wishes of the property owners through their representative/s, and according to specifications on the EGLE permit.


On the day of the treatment (or the day before) we post water use restriction signs along the shore of the water body. These signs inform the homeowners of the herbicides and/or algaecides being used and the water use restrictions that may apply to the use of the water after treatment.


We use flat bottom boats that allow us to operate in areas as shallow as 20 inches.  Our boats are equipped with the latest technology in liquid spray and granular spreading equipment including GPS technology. Our fleet ranges in size from 10 ft. boats for small ponds to 20 ft. wide bottom boats for large lakes.

We apply liquid herbicides to the waters surface and via sub-surface injection using high pressure pumps and metering systems. Granular products are spread using operator controlled and GPS controlled spreaders to ensure even distribution over the surface of the lake.

All Aqua-Weed Control employees who perform treatments are certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Lakes Treatment Application

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