Proactive Pond Management

Applying bacteria in tandem with our weed and algae control services will maximize the overall management results for your pond.

Using a combination of our liquid, dry, and pellet based bacteria products adds to the naturally occurring microbes that exist in your pond. In effect super charging these microbes to speed up the breakdown of organic matter within the water column, making the water clearer, and reducing the bottom muck layer.

Will bacteria products help my pond?

The moment a pond is created, a process called “Pond Succession” begins. As ponds age, they fill with sediment and organic material. Bacteria products help to slow down and potentially reverse this process.

Are bacteria products safe?

Bacteria products are safe for use and are not harmful to people, fish, wildlife and the environment.

Will bacteria kill my weeds and algae?

No, bacteria products do not kill weeds or algae. Bacteria products reduce the nutrients and organic matter in the water body, which in turn help aquatic plants to grow. Bacteria products provide a proactive approach by limiting the available food source for aquatic plants.