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Aeration systems are a great addition for pond health and aesthetic.


Aeration systems are a great addition for pond health and aesthetic.

Bottom Diffused Aeration

Aqua Weed Control builds custom aeration systems from Vertex Aquatic Solutions. These systems allow our clients more options when it comes to an ongoing healthy pond management program.

Vertex advanced lake and pond diffused aeration systems have been shown in independent testing to aid in water quality restoration by adding oxygen to the water at all depths. A properly sized aeration system combats problems caused by low oxygen including algae, fish kills, poor water clarity, midge fly swarms, foul odors and bottom muck.

Adding an aeration system to your pond increases water circulation, prevents stagnant-thermally stratified water; restoring a healthy, balanced pond ecosystem.

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Pond before aeration
Pond after aeration

5 Reasons to Aerate

Reduces Pond Muck:

Not only is muck unpleasant to see or feel between your toes, but it can also give your pond a bad odor and provide habitat for leeches. Aeration combats muck and by increasing the dissolved oxygen and circulating the water, encouraging the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria that can consume, reduce and prevent muck build-up.

Boosts Dissolved Oxygen:

Without oxygen, your pond will go into an anaerobic state. Anaerobic bacteria are not as efficient at breaking down organic material as their aerobic counterparts and produce gas, giving the pond a rotten egg smell. Incorporating aeration into the pond increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, keeping your pond functioning as an aerobic system.

Improves Water Quality:

Muck accumulates not only in the bottom of the pond but can also be suspended throughout the water body giving your pond a murky appearance. By reducing muck and excess nutrients, increasing oxygen, and circulating the water, you will improve your water quality and clarity.

Eliminates the Thermocline:

Aeration circulates and mixes water to eliminate stratified layers of warmer, surface water and the colder, deeper water, to create an oxygen rich environment throughout your pond.

Protects Fish:

Harmful gas is often trapped under ice when your pond freezes or is brought up from your pond’s bottom during spring and fall turnover. If enough oxygen is displaced your fish will suffocate. Aeration assists in the release of gas leaving more oxygen available for your fish.

Aeration Seasonal Maintenance Program

Underwater diffused aeration

Season Maintenance Program Outline

Aqua-Weed Control designed this program to ensure your Aeration System is in good working order year over year.

Program includes

  • Spring Start Up (If required)
  • Cabinet Clean Out
  • System Check and Air Diffuser Balancing  
  • New Air Filter Installed
  • AirStation Cleaning
  • New Cooling Fan Installed – As Required
  • Winter Shut Down (If Required)

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